2007-02-26 - 10:34 p.m.

I've been on a diet for about 4 weeks now. I've been calorie counting so I can only have 1200 calories per day, which is a dramatic cut from what I'm used to.

I didnt think I'd last this long, but I am really proud of myself for sticking to it. I've even been out for a meal with Paul a few times and not had dessert! That would never usually happen!

I've lost 5 pounds, so that's even better. The longer you stick to it, the easier it gets so I'm definitely going to stick to it.

I've also found out something else that is interesting. Since I've been on a diet, I've not been eating bread or pasta since they have quite high calorie levels. I noticed about a week after I stopped eating wheat that y skin completely cleared up! I assumed that this was just down to me improving my diet somewhat, until the other day when I had a pitta bread. Two days later an array of spots appear on my face.

Could it be that I am wheat intolerant and have been for the past 10 years? I have tried everything. Every.Thing in my battle to defeat acne that I've had since I was 12 years old - and now it is beginning to look like toast is to blame.

Go Figure. I stopped taking my acne tabet and my skin hasn't flared up. I have a couple of spots, but nowhere near what I would expect. I've been dpeending on chemicals for years to keep my skin clear so I'm happy that I dont have to take them anymore, but a bit annoyed that if I'd stopped having sandwiches when I was 12, my skin may not be the way it has been for the past 10 years.

It would have never occured to me to change my diet to discover the root of my acne. Maybe it works for other things as well? Maybe greasy hair is a sign of too much dairy etc? Wouldnt it be good if there was a list to tell you what to eat depending on your body type?

Meh, I'd still have a kitkat.

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